Arise, Shine

“Arise , shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of Jehovah is risen upon thee.” ~ Isaiah 60:1 This is one of the Bible prophesies still waiting to be fulfilled. Yet, it is an event which will soon take place in your personal life. If only, you will allow it to happen. You […]


Whatever your needs are, you will find them in Eden!

Change your life

You can change your life for the better. If only you’ll allow the Bible to show you how. The Bible teaches a simple practical process to change your life and condition on a permanent basis. There is a Bible based process to help you get rid of difficulties and help you start living a happy […]

Laugh Over it

You know many people spend a lot of money to laugh. Have you joined them to attend a paid movie or comedy recently? Have you been to a late night talk show? Or you’ve been out there to catch some of the latest jokes? Yes, maybe? You don’t need to care answering many questions. The […]

eden garden bible study

eden garden bible study

Joy in the Morning

Do you want to live long ? Or you need healing fast? Then you must make it a voluntary decision to be joyful all the time. You may ask, how can you be joyful when your life issues are woeful. Yes, we know it is easier to weep and to cry over woeful situation than […]

Why Bible Study Topics?

Still wondering Why Bible Study Topics? Well, simple. The main goal of these Bible Study Topics is to teach you how to put God at the center of your life, use the 3 simple steps Bible process to change your habits and become a brand new person. Bible teachings are not so simple. They are […]