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Welcome to Do you know there is a simple solution to your most difficult problem?

There is God's way to solve all problems. There is a solution within your reach which could get you out of the greatest blockage in your life. You can find out right now!

If you are yearning for God to empower you break off bad habits, or you want to overcome your difficulties and start living a better life then, Bible Solution is the answer.

On Bible, you will learn:

  • How to cast all your anxieties upon God in a very simple, direct and practical way.
  • How to think, act and talk to receive your heart's desire.
  • How to use God's formula for success and abundance.
  • How to find solution to any difficult problem God's way.

The Past Is Gone Forever

You've tried to find solution to your problems. You've tried to think of how to sort them out with your own means, and method. What did you get? May be nothing much.

Except you quickly found out your ability isn't enough. The harder you struggle, the more you realize your efforts are not adequate to free you out of trouble. Now, the past is gone. You can now find solution to all your hard problems through these youth Bible study topics. Why am I so sure?

God's Simple Solution

With God all things are possible. God's solution to every problem is so simple that most people neglect it. The Bible asks you to "cast" or surrender your problems and hand them over to God. You are to allow God to deal with difficult issues for you. God can handle effectively all your problems when you invite him to do so. God alone has lasting solution to every issue.

From now, you will continue to experience positive changes in your situations. You will move step by step until your success is remarkable. You will change surely for the better.

A New Life Begins Now

A new life starts as you link up with God. Our prayer is that you will allow these Youth Bible Study Topics to reconcile you with God through Jesus Christ, the true source. He is the only true and lasting solution to your problems. He is the source of all positive changes. You may need to learn to think, act and talk like Jesus so as to develop the mind of Christ in you!

When you apply the knowledge you will get from these Youth Bible study Topics, you will surely receive the power of Christ which enables you to overcome all difficulties. With God, you can find lasting solution to all your life issues.

How Do You Work With God?

Well, I will ask you again: How does a farmer or gardener cooperates with God to bring about a great harvest? He first sow his seeds and trust God for a harvest.

You must believe God to be able to cooperate with him. First you have to sow the seed of your thoughts, actions and talks.

To help you cooperate fully with God, you have the simple formula:T-ac-t. What is t-ac-t?

T for think or thoughts
Ac for actions or doing
T for Talks or tongue

Whatever, you desire, you must first think, act and talk as if you've got it already! Then you will receive it physically.

This website on youth bible study topics is designed to give you an opportunity to rediscover and use God's formula to your own advantage.

Two Bible Conditions

Of course, you know to get true freedom or whatsoever you desire depends on two Bible conditions:

"If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land:" ~ Isaiah 1:19 (NIV)

Are you willing and obedient to improve your life and effect positive changes in your situations? Then take the first step. Go right away to the action points and act right away. I pray you show you're truly willing and obedient to the Almighty God.

God bless you richly as you act right now in Jesus name.

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